What is it?


What is a Window Wanderland? It’s an evening walking trail, taking place over a weekend in your local community. Anyone can make a window display, leave the lights on, and go out to onto the streets to see the other displays people have created. It’s a fun, child-friendly, community event in the middle of winter.

How can I join in? There are many ways you can be part of this…

  • MAKE – Make a display for an existing event happening in your area, you just need to be brave!


  • WANDER – Simply go out for a wander at a local event and see the displays in your area, you just need to wrap up warm!



  • STAY IN TOUCH – If no events are coming you can sign up to our very occasional newsletter and we will let you know when new ones happen.


Why is Window Wanderland a lovely thing to do? It’s been proved that engaging with your local community (neighbours and people who share the same interests as you), doing something manual, and walking down the streets, is good for you. It has a positive impact on fitness and mental health. It gives you something to do with your friends and neighbours, and it brings you excitement and happiness. Window Wanderland gives you all of this!

Lucy’s vision for Window Wanderland is to create a stable, sustainable ‘dandelion‘ that grows once a year with seeds blowing off it all directions. By using technology and having a central hub for people to come to means we can share the images, resources and support each other.


WANT TO KNOW MORE? See our Benefits page, About page or  FAQ’S.