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Welcome! This page is for those interested in organising a Window Wanderland event in their community.  If you want to create a personal display only please check if there is an event near you and contact them directly.

We are so glad you have found us and that you are interested in planting a Wanderland seed in your area. This page will help you decide how to organise and run your very own Window Wanderland, including the costs, what you will need and why we are great to be part of!

WHO ARE YOU?   Wanderland organisers fall roughly into two groups:

  1. You and few friends/colleagues want to run this completely voluntarily with no access to funding.
  2. You are a freelance organiser or an organisation: like a community group, charity, PTA,  Arts organisation, housing association or Local Authority.


WHO ARE WE? We are a Community Interest Company that has spent years investing our passion and free time in creating this. Our aim is to support Wanderlands to happen with ease, making communities better places and reducing social isolation. We are unable to give our packages away for free as no one is funding us, therefore we rely on your contributions to keep going. We keep the costs to you to a minimum and no one is getting rich from this.


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  We offer two separate Wanderland Packages to reflect who you are:

  1. The first is very basic with minimal marketing resources designed for volunteers in close knit communities, without access to local sponsors or funding.
  2. The second is for community groups, organisations and professionals, who can access funding and for communities where you need to work on engagement. It is the fancy-pants pack, with options to personalise your event page with images, sponsors logos and links to funders. It has more marketing resources, like schools packs, powerpoint displays, press releases etc.  It has plenty of options to ‘Add On’ our professional services, like invoicing, for larger Organisations.


WHAT NEXT? You can start your own event and get access to everything, or pay a small registration fee and come back when you have raised the funds for the complete package:

  1. Pay a small registration fee and we will create a page on our site which gives you ownership of your area which you can then share. Anyone who wants to make a display or volunteer in your area can register their interest on that page. You get resources for funding so you can get planning, gather local support and raising the funds you need.
  2. Once you are ready to start making your event, this can be at the same time as you register, just pay the balance to get full access to all the other wonderful online tools we provide, so that your event will wonderful. Easy peasy!

You can start your own page from 3rd September 2018, if you want access to the fundraising resources before then simply fill in the form at the bottom but be aware we are having a break across August.


You will get a discount of the membership fee for the second year, so that it’s easier to run a Wanderland again as we try and keep the fees as low as possible.


WHY BE PART OF US?  Window Wanderland is an idea that builds local community, allowing each to celebrate its own identity. Join us and access all the support and tools you need to make an amazing Wanderland with relative ease. Check out our Stories and Feedback and  Social Media highlights to see what people say about us and why we are so joinable.  Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at any of the individual event pages, which are written by the local organisers themselves!  We are all about community and we’d love for you to join our quirky family.


A TEAM: Ideally you will need a team of  part-time people. Our pack identifies the roles and responsibilities – from project managers to schools co-ordinators.
FUNDS: You will need to raise a small budget to cover the costs ranging from printing to any fees you may be paying.
TIME: Allow around five months to plan the event, so it’s not a rush. The most successful events, by far, are in late Winter – avoiding clashing with major festivals and holidays. So far none of the events that happened in the UK before Christmas have repeated.


Still unsure? Please read the FAQs  .

We are taking time to make changes to the website over August, so having an admin break and we will be back  3rd September, so please fill in the form below and we will email you when we have finished. If you want to begin organising before then let us know in the form and we will get back to you sooner:

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I am a volunteer used to organising events
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I am a freelance organiser hoping to get funding to pay for some of my time
I will be organising this as part of my paid work
We are an Arts Organisation/NPO/Local Authority interested in bringing this to our community

Please let us know here if you want to be contacted before September, if not we will email you as soon as we have made our changes to the website