Meet the Organisers

Here are a few of the brave folk who stepped up to organise a Window Wanderland. We salute you for giving up your time to make people happy!

Lucy Reeves Khan. 2015 Bishopston, Bristol. Started this event to see if other people liked looking into windows as much as she did. Likes ‘Frasier’, doesn’t like queueing for things or cooking and cries at anything.

Dom Blackmore. 2016- 2017 Bishopston Bristol. Dom took part in the first ever Wanderland and loved it so much she organised two more! She is constantly amazed by the variety of displays and thrilled that so many people participate in her community. Likes lazing with a book, walking the dog and chatting to people.

Ben Barker, BS3 Bristol 2016-2017. Always keen to copy a good idea, Ben saw that Window Wanderland fitted perfectly into the community development work of Greater Bedminster Community Partnership, drawing neighbours together in a shared activity: simple but powerful.

Amy Hill. 2017, Southfields, London. Amy visited her sister in Bristol when WW was happening and decided her  community in London would love it- they did. Likes biking, hanging out with her small children, finding a stylish bargain and sleeping.

Kathryn Gray. 2017 Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire. Kathryn heard about Window Wanderland two years ago and organised the first ever Window Wanderland in a village. She was delighted with how successful it was: amazing displays, magical lights, and a real community spirit.And the hardest part? Taking down the displays after so much fun.

Terry Loeppky. Victoria, BC Canada, 2018. Spent 10 years as a volunteer installation artist with the sadly now defunct Luminara lantern festival in Victoria. This past spring a friend sent him a link to Window Wanderland. He got very excited, got some other people excited and now they’re organizing North America’s first WW event. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.