General Information

Making a Display

How do I make a display? Here are some tips on how to making a display: but please bear in mind that Anything goes: Window Wanderland gives you the freedom to explore what you want to express, as long as it is child-friendly.

I am not an artist, I can’t make a display! This event is about connecting with your community, you can participate simply by opening your curtains and putting your favourite book in the window, there are no Artistic expectations or judgements, we are all different, so have a go! A ‘display’ can be fairy lights in the window, a photograph of someone important to you, a political statement, be as radical as you like. This an opportunity to do something different and anything goes so long as it’s child friendly.

How do I sign up to make a display? Go to the ‘coming events’ page, find your area and you can sign up to take part there. You will get a confirmation email from your local organiser when you do this.

Will it cost me money? Generally making a display for Window Wanderland is free, unless your organiser has to charge a small amount to cover costs, or might be collecting for charity, see your own event page for details as it is your organisers’ decision.

Where can I get ideas for a display? See our display ideas or look at our social media for inspiration @windowwander #windowwander.

Can I make a display and go out on the trail? We hope that you do!

Is there a theme? This is up to your local organiser, so see the event page to check.

Are there any ‘rules’? NO, this is your opportunity to say what you want, however we have some guidelines:

  • Make sure it is ‘child friendly’!
  • If you are using music outside, get your neighbours’ blessing, this event was designed to make people happy…
  • Please ensure the safety of your own front area on the night as it will be dark.
  • Send photos of your display to your organiser after for the gallery.
  • Make sure that you get a chance to ENJOY the Wanderland, making a display is NOT something to stress about.
  • If you do not get to make what you planned, don’t take yourself off the map, just open your curtains and pop a sign in the window saying ‘Ran out of time’, life goes on and no one will judge you!

Neighbourhood before and during the Event

How can I get my neighbours interested in joining me? When you sign up to take part we send you an editable flyer and venue posters to encourage others, here is a copy.

How do I address objections and concerns? Please explain what the event is about and invite people to go and see one that’s happening in the vicinity, or alternatively show them some pictures from the website and on social media. Also feel free to refer people to this FAQs, which covers most of people’s possible concerns.

I live in a flat above the ground floor, can I still use my windows? Absolutely, in fact the higher the windows the better the views from the street. ALL windows are included.

Do I have to give my address, can’t I just do a display on the night? Without your address on the map, people will not know to come and see your window. Though we welcome ‘rogue’ displays we would encourage you to sign up.

If I sign up will I get marketing emails forever more? No, your email will just be used to communicate with you about Window Wanderland, nothing else. You can sign up to getting the occasional newsletter but this is optional.

Will anyone come into my house?  No, this is an outdoor trail. People will have a map with participating houses and look in as they pass.

Will people be able to see inside my house? There are different types of displays. You can put something on your window. This can be tracing paper, or tissue paper… and you can close the curtains over the windows that have no display on. Displays work best when you cover up the background so as to hide the inside of your room and avoid distraction. This means that no one will see into your room if you don’t want them to.

You can also put objects in your living room, and decide to include the room as part of your display, or you can draw a curtain/set up a screen to shield it away. Make sure you find a way to backlight the objects/drawings though, otherwise your display will be lost to the viewers! You can also choose to play with what people can see or not see in your room – it’s all up to you!

Will Window Wanderland bring people from outside my area to my street? Window Wanderland is a community event that happens in a public space. In our experience, lots of makers will invite their family and friends from elsewhere but we feel that this is positive, as people want to share in a happy event and get to show off their display and feel proud of their community.

Will it be noisy and crowded? The event is open to anyone, and we aim at achieving a sense of community and togetherness. Your street may be noisier and a bit more crowded than usual for a couple of hours. We also find that people report streets being much safer when there are families and groups wandering along, looking at the displays.