Windmill Hill & Victoria Park, Bristol 2018

Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th February 2018, 6-9pm

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Join us once again in lighting up the streets of Windmill Hill and Victoria Park for our magical Window Wanderland event.

Last year we had over 70 wonderful windows. We want this year to be bigger, better and brighter than ever, so please join us! The event is free and open to all. Your display can be as simple or as spectacular as you like – check out the photo gallery for inspiration.

The event covers Windmill Hill and Victoria Park – see the map below. However if you’re just outside the area and would like to take part that’s fine with us – the more the merrier!

What to do next:

* Click ‘take part’ to join in and add your location to the map
* Tell your friends and neighbours and get them involved too
* On the evenings of 23rd/24th/25th February 2018 go for a walk around your neighbourhood to see what we can all create!

Thanks to our kind sponsors: The Windmill, The Victoria Park, The Park Bakery, Windmill Hill Convenience Store.

Sunday February 18th, 1pm, Victoria Park Baptist Church

Join Happymess to make a Window Wanderland Magic Faraway Tree display for the windows at Victoria Park Baptist Church. You can also make artwork to take away and display in your own window for Window Wanderland. Drop in, no need to book. £1 per family.


Windows in this event

12 Stanbury Road

12 stanbury rd 12 stanbury rd

Addison Road

6 Addison Road
10 Addison Road
16 Addison Road
20 Addison Road
23 Addison Road
25 Addison Road

Alfred Road

8 Alfred Road

Algiers Street

16 Algiers Street


7 Almorah

Almorah Road

15 Almorah Rd
26 Almorah Road
28 Almorah rd

Atlas Road

14 (Victoriaparkprimary school) Atlas road

Brendon Road

5 Brendon road

Caen Road

5 Caen road
8 Caen road

Cotswold Road

4 Cotswold Road
67 Cotswold Road
149 Cotswold Road
163 Cotswold Road

Dunford Road

15 Dunford Road
16 Dunford Road

Dunkerry Road

17 Dunkerry rd
40 Dunkerry Road
67 Dunkerry Road

Eldon Terrace

5 Eldon Terrace
32 Eldon Terrace
45 Eldon Terrace

Fraser Street

Fernando Leon, 21 Fraser Street
23 Fraser Street

Gwilliam Street

16 Gwilliam Street
21 Gwilliam Street
55 Gwilliam St
Windmill Hill Convenience Store Gwilliam Street

Hill Avenue

20 Hill Avenue
47 Hill Avenue
52 Hill Avenue

Holmesdale Road

5 Holmesdale Road
16 Holmesdale Road
34 Holmesdale Road

Kensal Avenue

9 Kensal avenue

Maidstone Street

10 Maidstone street
23 Maidstone street

Mascot Road

6 Mascot Road
24 Mascot Road

Mendip Road

33 Mendip Rd
65 Mendip road

Merioneth Street

8 Merioneth street

Nottingham Street

14 Nottingham St Nottingham street

Nutgrove Avenue

14 Nutgrove Avenue

Orwell Street


Park Avenue

2 Park Avenue
18 Park Avenue

Paultow Avenue

3 Paultow Avenue

Paultow Road

32 Paultow road

Quantock Road

50 Quantock Road
71 Quantock Road
Flat 2, 57 Quantock Road

Raymend Road

39 Raymend Rd
58 Raymend Road
The Victoria park Raymend Road

Raymend Walk

22 Raymend Walk


23 Somermead

Stanbury Road

9 Stanbury road

St Johns Lane

58 St Johns Lane
249 St johns lane
281 St Johns Lane

Sylvia Avenue

143 Sylvia Avenue
195 Sylvia avenue
Victoria Park Baptist Church Sylvia Avenue

Vivian Street

24 Vivian Street
28 Vivian Street
33 Vivian Street

Weymouth Road

46 Weymouth road