Strathbungo, Glasgow 2018

Saturday 24 February, 5.30-9.30pm

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On Saturday 24 February 2018, Strathbungo Window Wanderland will once again transform the streets of Strathbungo into a spectacular outdoor gallery for all to enjoy.

Thanks to the incredible efforts of Strathbungo residents, the 2017 event exceeded all expectations… It attracted national media attention and was seen as a real celebration of community and what we can achieve when we all pull together! From performances in front rooms to amazing projections onto buildings; mischievous monkeys, polka dot parties, disco balls, bubble baths, mythical creatures, intricate installations, pop up bingo halls and tattoo parlours, fantastical faraway lands and music filling the streets…. It was beautiful! We can’t wait to see what 2018’s event brings!

Simply sign up and create a window display in the front windows of your flat, house, business or shop. Please don’t feel intimidated! A ‘display’ could be as simple as a candle, book, fairy lights or image in a window. Or you could go all out and stage a performance in your front room! Simple or spectacular… it’s completely up to you.

What to do next:

– Click on ‘take part’ to join in and add your location to the map
– Follow our facebook page ( and event page ( for updates on our event
– Tell your friends and neighbours and ask them to get involved too… you might even want to work together on a display across 2 houses (or more!)
– On the evening of Saturday 24 February 2018, go for a walk around Strathbungo and enjoy the wonderful street festival that we have created together as a community!
– Drop £2 through the letterbox at 41 Regent Park Square to cover our donation to the wider Window Wanderland organisation to help them to continue their work.

Strathbungo Window Wanderland is organised entirely by volunteers in their spare time. If you have any questions or would like to help spread the word about the event, please contact Sarah Reid at


Windows in this event

170 Queen's Drive

Queens Park Govanhill church 170 Queen's Drive

Albert Avenue

9 Albert Avenue
51 Albert Ave
61 albert avenue

Albert Drive

Tramway, 25 Albert Drive

Broomhill Place

11 Broomhill place


16 Carswell

Carswell Gardens

37 Carswell gardens

Carswell Garden S

41 Carswell Garden s

Frankfort Street

15 Frankfort Street
41 Frankfort street

Herriet Street

46 Herriet street

Leven Street

16 Leven street
44 Leven Street

Marywood Square

3 Marywood Square
24a Marywood Square
27 Marywood Square
34 Marywood Square
35 Marywood Square
38 Marywood Square
39 Marywood Square
39 Marywood square
49 Marywood Square
50 Marywood Square

Melville Street

14 Melville St

Minard Road

1/1, 31 Minard Road
2-1, 45 Minard Road

Moray Place

13 Moray Place
20 Moray Place
24A Moray Place
39 Moray Place
40 Moray place
49 Moray Place
50 Moray place
51 Moray place

Nithsdale Drive

81 Nithsdale Drive

Nithsdale Road

1/2, 57 Nithsdale Road
15 Nithsdale Road
20 Nithsdale rd
32-34 Nithsdale road
33 Nithsdale Road
46 Nithsdale Road
57/Potluck cafe Nithsdale Road
175A Nithsdale Road
Locavore, 66 Nithsdale Road

Nithsdale Street

1/3 30 nithsdale street
Flat 1 2, 58 Nithsdale Street

Pollockshaws Road

Mulberry street bar and bistro, 778 Pollockshaws road

Pollokshaws Road

2/1 764 Pollokshaws Road
714B Pollokshaws Road
767 Pollokshaws road
822 Pollokshaws Rd
Toad's Caravan 745 Pollokshaws Rd

Queens Drive

112 Queens drive
173 Queens drive
173 (2/2) Queens Drive

Queen Square

9 Queen Square
11 Queen Square
17 Queen Square
20b Queen Square
23 Queen Square
24c Queen Square
30 Queen Square
33 Queen Square
33 Queen Square
34 queen square
38 queen square
53a Queen Square

Regent Park Square

1 Regent Park Square
4 Regent park square
7 Regent park square
21 Regent Park Square
22 Regent Park Square
23 Regent Park Square
25 Regent Park Square
27 Regent Park Square
32 Regent Park Square
39 Regent park square
41 Regent Park Square
45 Regent Park Square

Regent Park Sq

49a Regent Park Sq

Regent Park Square

St Ann's Nursery Regent Park Square

Thorncliffe Gardens

12 Thorncliffe Gardens
18 Thorncliffe Gardens
19/21 Thorncliffe gardens
27 Thorncliffe gardens
29 Thorncliffe Gardens
30 Thorncliffe Gardens
31 Thorncliffe Gardens


40 Titwood

Titwood Road

8 Titwood Rd
39 Titwood Road
Crossmyloof Resource Centre, 80 Titwood Road

Vennard Gardens

21 Vennard Gardens
32 Vennard Gardens
41 Vennard gardens
45 Vennard Gardens
54 Vennard Gardens

Waverley Gardens

39 Waverley Gardens