Event: Southfields, London 2018

Saturday, 3rd and Sunday, 4th February 2018 5:30pm-9pm

Window Wanderland is coming back to Southfields and we need you to help us light up the trail!

With your help our aim is to transform our streets into an outdoor gallery for all to see. Taking part is FREE and everyone in the community is welcome. Simply sign up and create a display in your front windows. “But I’m not creative” we hear you say. Well, you don’t have to be. Your display could be something as simple as fairy lights in the window, a candle, your favourite book or dress, or simply just open your curtains and shutters and show us your lovely interiors (for we all love a good nosey don’t we?). Alternatively you can go all out and stage a performance in your front room, or project something onto your building. Simple or spectacular, it’s completely up to you. This is a family event so please bear this in mind when creating your displays.

What to do next:

Just go to http://www.windowwanderland.com/event/southfields-london-2018/ to sign up. Spread the word, invite your friends, decorate your windows and be part of something truly amazing.

For any queries please contact us at – windowwanderlandsouthfields@gmail.com

Thank you,
Sam & Sam!

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Windows in this event

35 Replingham Road

Vision in the Village Opticians 35 Replingham Road

76 Trentham Street

76 Trentham st 76 Trentham st

117 Heythorp Street

117 Heythorp Street 117 Heythorp Street

125 Lavenham Road

125 Lavenham Road 125 Lavenham Road

Ashen Grove

5 Ashen Grove
20 Ashen grove
38 Ashen grove
64 Ashen grove

Astonville Street

30 Astonville Street
31a Astonville st
37a Astonville Street
46a Astonville Street
48 Astonville Street
77 Astonville Street
82 Astonville st
86 Astonville Street
127 Astonville Street
133 Astonville Street
156 Astonville Street
180 Astonville street

Bowman Mews

The Quick Brown Fox bowman mews

Braemar Avenue

20 Braemar Avenue
26 Braemar Avenue


54 Brookwood

Brookwood Road

1 Brookwood Road
3 Brookwood Road
37 Brookwood Road
112 Brookwood Road

Durnsford Avenue

5 Durnsford Avenue
42 Durnsford Avenue

Elborough Street

86 Elborough street
151 Elborough Street

Elsenham Street

121 Elsenham street
130 Elsenham street

Engadine Street

120 Engadine Street

Heythorp Street

78 Heythorp Street
206 Heythorp Street


118 Lavenham

Lavenham Road

8 Lavenham rd
62 Lavenham Road
74 Lavenham Rd

Longfield Street

13 Longfield Street

Melrose Avenue

53 Melrose Avenue

Replingham Road

67 Replingham Road
81 Replingham Road
Chalk 41 Replingham Road
Southfields footcare Replingham road

Revelstoke Road

22 Revelstoke Road
188 Revelstoke Road

Skeena Hill

76 Skeena hill

Stroud Road

28 Stroud Road

Stuart Road

70 Stuart road


129 Trentham

Trentham Street

52 Trentham street

Viewfield Road

35a Viewfield road

Wimbledon Park Road

170 Wimbledon Park Road

Wolseley Avenue

47 Wolseley avenue