Montpelier, Bristol 2018

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March 2018 6.00 – 9.00pm

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Welcome to Montpelier Window Wanderland

We are delighted to be bringing this fun event to Montpelier and with your help we will transform the streets into an outdoor gallery for all to enjoy!

Taking part is FREE and everyone is welcome, you can make a display in your windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, camper van or shop.

It\’s a wonderful community event and anyone and everyone can take part! Please don’t feel intimidated. A ‘display’ can be as simple as a candle, book, fairy lights or image in a window. It can involve a performance in a front room or involve light projection onto your building! Simple or spectacular… It’s completely up to you. Anything goes… so long as it’s family friendly!

What to do next:

Click on ‘take part’ to join in and add your location to the map.
– Tell your friends and neighbours and ask them to get involved too!
– On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March go for a walk around our neighbourhood and see what we can all create!
– You will get a ‘Welcome Pack’ when you sign in, giving you access to our ‘display ideas’.


– Ian Harris from Upper Cheltenham Place is the lead organiser this, if you have any questions or


would like to help spread the word about the event, please contact us on the link below or email


We will be making maps of the event, so if you want to get onto the paper map please sign up by

11th March, or you can still sign up to be online after that date. We will announce where the maps are going to be available nearer the time, so watch the map grow!

If you are a local business and would like to sponsor the first ever Montpelier Window Wanderland, then do get in touch! There are opportunities to promote local shops, cafes or businesses on the map.


Windows in this event

Albany Road

39a Albany Road

Albert Park Place

36 Albert Park Place
42a Albert Park Place

Banner Road

20 Banner Road
32 Banner Road

Cheltenham Road

Colston's Girls School, Cheltenham Road
7th Sea, 198 Cheltenham Road
Dolphin School@, Boston Tea Party, 156 Cheltenham Road

Cromwell Road

147 Cromwell Road

Fairfield Road

21 Fairfield Road
22 Fairfield Road
30b Fairfield Road

Fairlawn Road

Fairlawn Primary School, Fairlawn Primary School Fairlawn Road

Franklyn Street

43 Franklyn street

Lower Cheltenham Place

139 Lower Cheltenham Place
142 Lower Cheltenham Place
152 Lower Cheltenham Place

Richmond Road

95 Richmond Road
120 Richmond Road
138 Richmond Road
162 Richmond Road
Flat 3, 58 Richmond Road
The Cadbury House Richmond Road

Sevier Street

St Barnabas School @, Better Food, 21 Sevier Street

St. Andrews Road

24 St. Andrews Road

St Andrews Road, 1a St Andrews road
10 St Andrews road
77 St Andrews Road

Upper Cheltenham Place

18 Upper Cheltenham Place
24a Upper Cheltenham Place
26 Upper Cheltenham Place
28 Upper Cheltenham Place
30 Upper Cheltenham Place
56 Upper Cheltenham Place
65 Upper Cheltenham Place

York Road

64 York Road
89 York Road
113 York Road
115 York Rd
119 York Road
121 York Road
133 York Road