Maryhill Park, Glasgow 2018

Saturday 10th March 6.30pm-9.00pm

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WINDOWS IN THE NORTH WEST – We are very excited to announce that Friends of Maryhill Park in Glasgow will be holding their first Window Wanderland on Saturday 10th of March.

What is it – Window Wanderland is an evening arts trail, where people in a small neighbourhood decorate and light up their windows, inviting neighbours and the wider community to wander the streets and look at their home-made exhibition.

Our event in Maryhill Park will take place from 6.30-9pm. We will be announcing local workshops run by artists in the coming week, but for now save the date and start thinking about how you can collaborate with your friends, family and neighbours to ‘dress up’ your windows for the night.

If you’d like to decorate your windows, but don’t feel you can do it yourself, get in touch and we can either connect you with someone who would like to make an extra, or help you make one or two yourself.

The core streets will be those in the immediate vicinity of Maryhill park, this is partly because this is our first time, so we’re going to keep it fairly small this time, but those nearby are more than welcome to join in, there are no restrictions around who can participate.

Maryhill Park, Glasgow 2018


Windows in this event

Barra Street

2 Barra Street
14 Barra street

Caldercruix Road

2000, Hill Neuk Caldercruix Road

Caldercuilt Road

Glasgow Mindfulness Centre, 1 Caldercuilt Road
3 Caldercuilt Road
9 Caldercuilt Road
11 Caldercuilt Road
29 Caldercuilt road
46 Caldercuilt Road
47 Caldercuilt Road
48 Caldercuilt road
50 Caldercuilt Road
52 Caldercuilt Road
52A Caldercuilt Road Caldercuilt Road

Crosbie Street

2/2, 17 Crosbie Street
13 [flat 0/1] Crosbie Street
13 [flat 1/1] Crosbie Street
13 [Flat 2/1] Crosbie St
42 Crosbie St
49 Crosbie Street
51 Crosbie street

Dollar Terrace

0/2, 12 Dollar Terrace
12 Dollar Terrace

Dungoyne Street

1 dungoyne street
4 Dungoyne Street
5 Dungoyne Street
8 Dungoyne St
9 Dungoyne Street
11 Dungoyne Street
24 Dungoyne Street
28 Dungoyne Street

Falcon Terrace

1 Falcon Terrace

Gairbraid Avenue

Maryhill Burgh Halls, 24 Gairbraid Avenue

Maryhill Road

The Lock House pub, 1397 Maryhill Road
The Ram's Head Pub, 1969 Maryhill Road

Mclaren Crescent

12 McLaren Crescent

Prince Of Wales Gardens

6 prince of wales gardens
18 Prince of Wales Gardens

Rosedale Gardens

10 Rosedale Gardens
20 Rosedale gardens
30 rosedale gardens

Spence Street

1 Spence Street
3a spence street
7 Spence Street
13 Spence Street
15 Spence Street
17 Spence Street

Whitton Street

2 Whitton st
2a Whitton street
4A Whitton Street
6 Whitton Street