Frome, Somerset 2018

Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th February 2018 5.30-9pm

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Welcome to Frome Window Wanderland 2018!

We are bringing Window Wanderland to Frome and with your help transforming the streets into an outdoor gallery for all to enjoy! Taking part is FREE and everyone is welcome. Simply sign up and create a window display in the front window/s of your flat, house, business, school, nursery or shop.

Please don’t feel intimidated! A ‘display’ could be as simple as a candle, book, fairy lights or image in a window. Or you could go all out and stage a performance in your front room or project onto your building! Simple or spectacular… It’s completely up to you. Anything goes… so long as it’s family friendly!

What to do next:

* Please click ‘take part’ to join in and add your location to the map.

* Tell your friends and neighbours and ask them to get involved too!

* On the evenings of 23rd/24th/25th February 2018 go for a walk around your neighbourhood to see what we can all create!

We are two local residents and are organising this in our spare time, if you have any questions or would like to help spread the word about the event, please contact Lisa or Tasmin at


Windows in this event

2 Bridge Street

Black Swan Arts 2 Bridge Street

3 Stony Street

The WHY.. gallery 3 Stony Street

5, Clumber Drive

5, Clumber Drive 5, Clumber Drive

6 The Bridge, Frome

Cooper And Tanner 6 The Bridge, Frome

7 The Bridge

The River House 7 The Bridge

9 Locks Hill

9 Locks Hill 9 Locks Hill

10 Clumber Drive

10 Clumber Drive 10 Clumber Drive

11 Catherine Hill

Marmalade Yarns 11 Catherine Hill

11 Palmer Street

Palmer Street Bottle 11 palmer street

12 Victoria Road

12 Victoria Road 12 Victoria Road

17 Victoria Road

17 victoria road 17 victoria road

20a Cheap Street

Hibiscus 20A Cheap Street

21 Sheppards Barton

Niddy Noddy Cottage 21 Sheppards Barton

24 Knights Maltings

24 Knights Maltings 24 Knights Maltings

28 Somerset Road

28 somerset road 28 somerset road

31 Whitewell Road

31 Whitewell Road 31 Whitewell Road

59 Catherine Street

Deadly is the Female 59 Catherine Street

79 Great Western Street

79 great western street 79 great western street

96 Nunney Road

96 Nunney Road 96 Nunney Road

105 Nunney Road

105 Nunney Road 105 Nunney Road

Adderwell Road

23 Adderwell Road


5 Alexandra

Austin Close

11 Austin close

Avenue Road

16 Avenue Road
23 Avenue Road
33 Avenue Road

Bath Street

20 Absolutely Fabulous Costume Hire Bath Street
23 Bath St Bath St
Argyll House Bath Street

Beechwood Avenue

17 Beechwood avenue
25 Beechwood Avenue
36 Beechwood Avenue

Beechwood Close

7 Beechwood close

Berkley Road

Four Elms Berkley Road


28 Broadway
70 Broadway

Butts Hill

35 Butts Hill

Castle Street

46 Castle Street

Catherine Hill

32 Catherine Hill

Catherine Street

15 Phoenix Terrace, Catherine Street

Christchurch Street East

St John's School Christchurch Street East

Christchurch Street West

We Hear You Christchurch street west

Clink Farm Court

2 Clink Farm Court

Clink Road, Frome

The Pepperbox Nursery Clink Road, Frome

Critchill Road

85 Critchill Road


6 Culverhill

Delmore Road

9 Delmore Road
54 Delmore road

Delta Close

18 Delta Close

Feltham Drive

6 Feltham drive
30 Feltham Drive
32 Feltham drive
82 Feltham Drive

Feltham Lane

The Log Cabin Feltham Lane


26 Fromefield

Garston Road

21 Garston Road

Goulds Lane

4 Goulds Lane

Great Western Street

14 Great Western St
24 Great Western Street
63 Great Western Street

High Street

Arc Studios 26 high street

Horton Street

22 Horton Street

Houston Way

23 Houston Way

Innox Hill

2 Innox Hill
4 Innox Hill
6 Innox Hill
7 Innox Hill
31B Innox Hill

Justice Lane

Frome Library Justice Lane


13 Keyford
26a Keyford
65 Keyford
71 Keyford

Keyford Gardens

9 Keyford Gardens
19 Keyford Gardens

Knights Maltings

29 Knights Maltings

Lansdown Place

Interiors by Wendy 17 Lansdown Place

Leys Lane

99 Leys lane

Locks Hill

19 locks hill
79 Locks Hill
89 Locks Hill
101 Locks hill

Long Ground

24 Long Ground
37 Long Ground

Lower Keyford

23 lower keyford

Market Yard

Cheese & Grain Market yard

Marley's Way

99 Marley's Way

Marleys Way

71 Marleys Way

Milk Street

49 Milk Street
50b Milk Street


19 Mountsfield
29 Mountsfield
35 Mountsfield
72 Mountsfield

New Buildings Lane

5 New Buildings Lane
7 New Buildings Lane
26 New Buildings Lane
28 new buildings lane
34 New Buildings Lane
38 New Buildings Lane

Nightingale Avenue

Mrs, 85 Nightingale avenue

North Parade

5 Gloucester House North Parade
Frome Museum North Parade

Nunney Road

9 Nunney road
22 Nunney Road
41 Nunney Rd
62 Nunney Road
64 Nunney Road
66 Nunney Road
77 Nunney Road
89 Nunney Road
90 Nunney Road
92 Nunney Road
98 Nunney Road
100 Nunney Road
101 Nunney Road
103 Nunney road
109 nunney road


92 Oakfield

Oakfield Close

36 Oakfield Close

Oakfield Road

4 Oakfield Road

Orchard Road

1 Orchard road

Packsaddle Way

39 Packsaddle Way

Palmer Street

Sunflower Montessori Nursery Palmer St

Park Hill Drive

81 Park Hill Drive
The Welshmill Park Hill Drive

Park Road

Steiner Academy Frome Park Road


13 Portway
36 Portway
Rainbow nursery 44b Portway
Wallbridge House Portway

Providence Court

3 Providence court

Robins Lane

63 Robins Lane

Somerset Road

24 Somerset Road
34 kate Cooke ceramics Somerset rd
35 Somerset Road
49 Somerset Road


17 Southfields
27 Southfields

Stonewall Terrace

7 Stonewall Terrace

Stony Street

16 Stony Street
Postscript, 15 Stony Street

Stourton View

17 Stourton View


1 Sunnyside

Sun Steeet

1 Sun Steeet

Sun Street

Reprieve Cottage Sun Street

The Bridge

3a The Bridge

The Butts

5 The Butts
10 The Butts
32 The Butts
129 The Butts

The Old Church School, Butts Hill

The Old Church School The Old Church School, Butts Hill

Vallis Way

10 Vallis Way
19 Vallis way

Vicarage Street

14 Vicarage Street
25 Vicarage st
Enigma Pottery 15 vicarage street

Victoria Road

13 victoria road
29 Victoria Road
32 Victoria Rd
41 Victoria Road

Wallbridge Avenue

5 Wallbridge Avenue

Wallington Way

14 Wallington Way
55 Wallington Way

Wesley Villas

Natty Deco, Flat 2 WESLEY VILLAS

West End Court

3 West End Court

Westway, Frome

Ellenbray, The Old Library Westway, Frome

Weymouth Road

28 Weymouth Road

Whitehall Road

6 Whitehall Road

Whitemill Lane

Mijakia Whitemill Lane

Whitewell Road

33 Whitewell Road

Whittox Lane

Once Upon A time in the West Festival, 22 Whittox Lane

Willow Vale

1 Willow Vale
12 Willow Vale

Windsor Crescent

63 Windsor Crescent

Wine Street

Inside Ltd, The Old School Room Wine street