Bromley, Greater London 2018

Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February 2018

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After over 60 fantastic displays in 2017, Window Wanderland will be returning to Bromley for it’s second year and we can’t wait for you to take part! Joining the fun is absolutely FREE and everyone is welcome. Residents, Businesses and community groups will light up their windows on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February 2017 5:30 – 9:30pm.

Click ‘Take part’ to join in – everyone is welcome, your display can be anything at all, and it won’t cost a penny to join. In the words of Lucy Reeves, the brains behind Window Wanderland:

“…merely opening your curtains and leaving the lights on is, in itself, a display. Putting your fairy lights back up, hanging up a favorite dress you never get to wear, leaving a book on the table, or your favorite film on the TV, your cat on the sofa. All of these tell a story and people looking into these windows will start conversations, create connections, and this is what Window Wanderland is about.”

On the nights, everyone is welcome to walk around the neighbourhood to enjoy our very own street exhibition. Download the online map and head outside and see something completely different!

Bromley Window Wonderland is organised by two local residents in our spare time. If you would like to help spread the word to get more people involved please contact us at

Sign up to the Facebook event page for more details.

Get your interactive map for your smartphone here!


Windows in this event

60 Southlands Road

60 60 Southlands Road

71 Albert Road

71 Albert Road 71 Albert Road


4 Addison

Addison Road

21 Addison Road
41 Addison Road
61 Addison rd
61 Addison Road

Bourne Road

55 Bourne Road
60 Bourne Road
63 Bourne Road

Brooklyn Road

21 Brooklyn Road
23 Brooklyn Road
41 Brooklyn Road

Chatham Avenue

54 Chatham Avenue

Chatterton Road

20 chatterton rd
Cake Craft Shop, 7 Chatterton Road
Village Hardware, Village Hardware Chatterton Road

Cowper Road

33 Cowper Road

Elliott Road

24 Elliott Road
27 Elliott Road
29 Elliott Road
30 Elliott Road
32 Elliott Road

Fashoda Road

51 Fashoda Road

Glanville Road

80 Glanville Road

Great Elms

19 Great Elms

Great Elms Road

6 Great Elms Road

Gundulph Road

6 Gundulph road

Havelock Road

21 Havelock Road
73 Havelock Road
76 Havelock Road

Haywood Road

2 Haywood Road
33 Haywood Road
37 Haywood Road
44 Haywood Road
59 Haywood Road

Headcorn Road

29 Headcorn Road

Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church, 157 Southlands Road Jubilee Church

Nelson Road

3 Nelson Road

Pope Road

47 Pope Road

Raglan Primary School

Raglan Primary School Raglan Primary School

Renwick Drive

6 Renwick Drive

Salisbury Road

17 Salisbury road

Siward Road

49 Siward Road
55 Siward Road

Southlands Road

24 Southlands Road
89 Southlands road
134 Southlands road
#BWSFB, 174 Southlands Road

Union Road

15 Union Road
33 Union Road

Walpole Road

76 Walpole Road

Wellington Road

43 Wellington Road

Whitehall Road

30 Whitehall Road