Window Wanderland Blog

What do I know about making displays?

Some people have asked me for ‘tips’ for making a display, to which I reply that I’m not sure I know much. My feeling is that the galleries of other people’s work are the resource, but I can share what I have learnt through my own personal making process. The applies to ‘window displays’ as […]

The December Gazette

Right now, this weekend, the first Wanderland is appearing in the City of London, and this particular event is close to my heart. Back in a time when George Michaels ‘FAITH’ was No.1 you could find me high up in John Cass School of Art studying scupture, wearing dungarees, playing with clay and welding equipment. Imagine […]

Marcus and the Beanstalk

Most people look down when they walk, so it is logical for us to think of Window Wanderland displays happening in ground floor windows. However, I have always imagined them in tall buildings, grabbing your attention in places you don’t usually look. Luckily for me in 2016 Artist Amy Creech and I were given the […]

Are you sitting comfortably?

Welcome to the first Window Wanderland blog… after two and a half years of keeping the curtains closed and being a word-of-mouth secret it is the time to say a little hello. As I sit on my sofa, the sofa where I was stuck for years, peering out of the window at the lives of those […]