Window Wanderland Blog

The December Gazette

Right now, this weekend, the first Wanderland is appearing in the City of London, and this particular event is close to my heart. Back in a time when George Michaels ‘FAITH’ was No.1 you could find me high up in John Cass School of Art studying scupture, wearing dungarees, playing with clay and welding equipment. Imagine […]

Marcus and the Beanstalk

Most people look down when they walk, so it is logical for us to think of Window Wanderland displays happening in ground floor windows. However, I have always imagined them in tall buildings, grabbing your attention in places you don’t usually look. Luckily for me in 2016 Artist Amy Creech and I were given the […]

Are you sitting comfortably?

Welcome to the first Window Wanderland blog… after two and a half years of keeping the curtains closed and being a word-of-mouth secret it is the time to say a little hello. As I sit on my sofa, the sofa where I was stuck for years, peering out of the window at the lives of those […]